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PNP chooses Salans as preferred conveyancer

The mortgage and insurance network, Premier Network Partnership, has chosen a Salans as its preferred conveyancer.

Steve Moorley, managing director at PNP, says: We recognised that it was crucial to find a quality conveyancer that we could work with very closely and in whom we have complete confidence.

Salans service proposition is centred on working tightly with us which creates a greater understanding and also means a higher level of service being passed on to our clients.

Its also reassuring to know that the conveyancing is backed up with an international legal pedigree should any complications arise with a particular case.

Salans also demonstrated to us that it genuinely understood our business and as conveyancing obviously isnt our area of expertise it adds a significant amount of value by making a complex process simple and efficient for us and our clients.

Richard Carson, sales and marketing manager at Salans, says: We are extremely flattered that PNP has chosen Salans as its preferred Conveyancer.

PNP is making waves in the market with its new approach and ambitious growth plans and were working hand in hand with them to ensure that we support this.

New networks like PNP have the luxury of being able to utilise the latest technology and systems and I think that the online quotes offered by Salans was also a significant contributing factor.

The intelligent use of technology provides us with a platform to be able to go to customers with propositions that complement rather than clash with their businesses.

For too long now, providers in the conveyancing market have tried to dictate processes and distribution that suits them and not their intermediary customers, and were trying to break that mould.


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