My local C&G branch has helpful and competent staff

From Dave Rogers

Not usually one to stick up for lenders, I must speak up in defence of C&G following criticism from Jan Bull in a recent letter to Mortgage Strategy.

I don’t know what arrangements Jan has with C&G for the processing of cases but this is my experience.

My wife puts full status applications with no niggles through the door of my local branch before breakfast and after lunch I get a call or fax with a decision.

If a case is marginal, I telephone my local branch and discuss it with my BDM. On the strength of this I decide whether to pursue an application or not.

If I only want a decision in principle I fax it through and wait a couple of hours for an answer.

In my experience, decisions are made locally by helpful and competent staff who I have trusted to deal with my own mortgage.

If it’s bad service you’re after I could give you a list…

Dave Rogers