Mark Chilton appointed CEO of Homeowners Mortgages

Mark Chilton has been appointed as the new chief executive officer of Network Data Holdings lender Homeowners Mortgages.

Chilton has now relinquished his role as chief executive of brokerage Purely Mortgages.

The high profile deal was agreed over the last two week, and Mortgage Strategy Online can reveal that Chilton started his new role today.

Richard Griffiths, chief executive officer of Network Data Holdings, which is the major shareholder of Homeowners Mortgages, says: We are delighted that someone of Marks calibre has decided to join us and we look forward to working with him.

Even more so because in the early 90s Mark had first hand experience running the intermediary focussed lender First Mortgage Securities.

“Since he has excelled in the broker community, and with his broader experience, this can only help drive Homeowners Mortgages to future success.”

He adds: “Homeowners Mortgages will distribute entirely via the intermediary market. We expect to start lending in May.

Chilton says: “I was approached some time ago and it felt like the right time to come back into lending.

“I worked in lending in the 80s, and was at the forefront then of several things, such as securitisation. Some of our labours then have now come to fruition and the market has come full circle, so I felt it was the right time to rejoin it.

“It was critical for me to have access to the distribution side of things.

“I have been watching the growth of new lenders the last few years and knew
distribution was key. The lender needs to be its own entity, but Homeowners
Mortgages does have that vital distributor link with Network Data.”