GHL to promote secured loans

GHL Group will be hosting several round tables and workshops this year in an attempt to educate brokers about secured loans.

The lender is hosting the events while expanding its panel to seven secured loan lenders with the addition of Money Partners, Nemo Personal Finance and Swift.

This number is set to increase further this month as Kensington Personal Loans, Communitas, Prestige and Paragon Personal Finance showcase their loan offerings through the network’s portal.

In April, GHL aims to add to its distribution with an educational guide on secured loans. This online facility will encompass a marketing toolbox providing downloadable material. The lender is also publishing a shell letter, devoid of GHL logos, to encourage brokers to offer secured loans to their existing clients.

Naz Licence, head of secured loans at GHL, says: “We want to get out to brokers who still have reservations about secured loans. Many brokers haven’t got the foggiest idea about them and don’t think they are best advice because they are unregulated.”

Lenders such as Nemo and Paragon fill niches within the secured loans market and Licence says that GHL will consider any forward-thinking lenders to provide as wide a choice of distribution as possible.

He adds: “Secured loans are a viable option for many reasons and this is where the shell letter comes in. It allows brokers to ask their clients without having to splash out on leads.”