FSA should clamp down on small companies’ bad ads

I am writing in response to Simon Robin’s recent letter (Mortgage Strategy March 12 ).

I am a one-man band mortgage adviser who trades in a niche market and I too am frustrated by rival firms’ advertisements I see appearing in local publications.

As I normally charge a fee I naturally disclose this fact and also make sure I also attach any other relevant disclaimers. Indeed, as I am part of a network my compliance department provides assistance with this and must approve any advertisement of mine prior to publication.

But many other advertisements appearing next to mine do not carry relevant disclaimers and do not mention fees charged when they should.

This impacts on my business while blatantly breaking the regulator’s rules. Why should my business suffer as a result of the FSA overlooking small firms because it has bigger fish to fry?

If you put all these little fish into the FSA’s net, surely the risk to clients would be seen to be big enough for the regulator to sit up and take notice.

I’d like to say I feel a campaign coming on, but to what avail?

Max Thompson
Mortgage and insurance adviser
By email