CHL ups lending limits on its self-cert range

CHL Mortgages has increased the lending limits on its range of self-cert products.

For 95% LTV deals, CHL now offers a limit of 342,000 and for 90% and 80% LTVs, a limit of 600,000.

There is no higher lending charge and the tracker rates will start at Bank of England base rate plus 0.74% and fixed rates at 5.35%. On 95% LTV lending, fixed rates will begin from 6.35%.

Trevor Child, head of sales and marketing at CHL, says: “These new loan sizes allow self-employed people to move into the homes of their choice or alternatively remortgage to excellent rates.”

An uncapped proc fee of 0.5% applies across CHL’s entire self-cert home loan range.

Alec Ruthven, director at AM Ruthven & Associates, says: “As long as the appropriate checks are undertaken I don’t see that these increased limits are going to be risky.

“There are plenty of checks that can be done when it comes to self-cert clients, even though these are not as simple as looking at payslips.”