C&G staff blame bosses

Cheltenham & Gloucester intermediary sales managers have begged brokers not to blame them for recent poor service standards, instead placing the blame at the door-step of their employers.

Following the base rate rise in January, C&G found itself with some of the most competitive fixed rates in the market.

Although it eventually withdrew the products its service standards collapsed under the heavy demand and brokers say it is still recovering.

In a letter to Mortgage Strategy written on behalf of C&G’s ISMs this week, one manager says the recent attack on the lender’s sales managers is “bang out of order”. He writes: “Do you honestly believe we want to give the present level of service?”

The ISM pins the blame on C&G allowing its branch network to prioritise direct customers and its “failed” online system Caseflow.

He says: “C&G ISMs have no faith in the directors of C&G’s intermediary business and can you blame them? So, dear introducers, don’t shout and scream at your ISMs because it’s not their fault.”

Ray Boulger, senior technical manager at John Charcol, says C&G’s delay in pulling products was a misjudgement of the market.

He adds: “When a lender’s service is bad it is stressful for sales teams.”

John Champion, intermediary sales director at C&G, says: “We appreciate service problems have put our ISMs in a difficult position but we are working to address this. We are grateful to our ISMs for helping us restore our service standards.”

Champion also denies that C&G prioritises direct customers.