C&G staff are being let down by their management

Oh what a circus, oh what a show.

Recent letters (Mortgage Strategy March 12 ) regarding Cheltenham & Gloucester’s service shambles only scratch the surface. You have no idea just how much of a disaster zone the company is under Lloyds TSB directors John Pain and Mike Mitchell. They have taken a once great organisation and reduced it to a bumbling, incompetent and inconsistent provider of mortgages.

Staff are festering in an environment of overcomplicated and unworkable red tape, pushing customers away in their thousands. Or is that what Lloyds TSB wants?

The intermediary section of the operation, led by John Champion, has been reduced to the sort of disaster that has to be witnessed to be believed.

Thousands of introducers are presently waiting for offers promised many weeks ago by the only decent thing C&G has left in its arsenal – its branch staff and its sales force known as intermediary sales managers.

The service these ladies and gentlemen provided was first rate until they became hampered by their current leader Champion and his orders from above, together with C&G’s lack of resources.

If C&G ever gets an opportunity to operate in the intermediary market again at the level it should be, it will have to be led by people who understand what the market needs.

It will have to look at its products and decide who it wants to lend to. The range of products is designed for people whose incomes do not enable them to benefit from competitive rates so it charges them more. Nice.

C&G launched an online system for staff and introducers last September. Called Caseflow, it was supposed to resolve cock-ups but as with a lot of what the lender promises at the moment, it has not succeeded.

Branch staff now ridicule the new system and have no faith in it whatsoever, calling it Caseflow and other less printable names.

So the Lloyds TSB generals who are punch-drunk on failure and desperate for a whiff of good news are leading their branch and intermediary sales teams down what seems to be a short cliff-top lane.

Messers Champion, Pain and Mit-chell – you orchestrated this fiasco

and you don’t appear to be bothered. I recently saw an email apology from you that proves it.

I understand C&G staff are encouraged to give their opinion about their leaders. My message to C&G staff is – give it your best shot, preferably before I send the next case your way.

On the other hand, when talking about sending cases C&G’s way, breath-holding is not recommended.

A disappointed introducer
By email