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Brash ads can dilute a good brand

As I move to pastures new I mull over my unhappiness about edeus’ muscular advertising, which is nothing short of unprofessional in the way it knocks the opposition, says Sue Read

By the time you read this I will hopefully be happily ensconced in a new job. After almost 11 years with Marshall James I have been wooed away from a relatively cosy existence to manage mortgages at Jobson James.

You may note that my new employer’s name is rather similar to my old one’s which is a coincidence. Although helpful in some ways, this similarity is already causing con- fusion, especially to my husband whose ability with names is legendary.

I was exceptionally happy with my previous employer and will miss my colleagues there. The decision to leave was a difficult one, not least because I will now be based in central Birmingham facing a much longer working day and becoming a serious commuter again.

This is something my teenage daughters will have to learn to cope with too, as their on-demand taxi service will cease abruptly.

But sometimes, facing up to change is the right thing to do. I am certainly excited at the prospect of leading a new mortgage team and there is much work to be done to get our department off the ground.

Although a huge effort will be required I’m sure we’ll manage to have a lot of fun too. Moving on is daunting but as with any industry, it is important not to stagnate. I can’t wait.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a public thank you to my old employer for giving me the experience, confidence and support to prepare me for my fresh challenge. And to my new employer I would like to say in advance, thanks for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones soon.

Of course, every new venture needs publicity but each firm’s approach is different. Take edeus, which is shortly to launch some pretty hard-hitting advertisements taking swipes at direct selling lenders.

I was one of those who had serious reservations about elements of the lender’s campaign and I’m inclined to agree with the comments of the illustrious John Malone, managing director of Premier Mortgage Service, when he says that it goes too far. I cannot object to lenders having a high street presence as long as they offer clients the same deals that I can.

I dislike the language edeus uses and find that it borders on the offensive. Call me a prude, a snob or whatever you like but I think the lender is diluting its brand by being so unnecessarily brash.

I’m afraid I can’t get over that impression and advert- isements such as these coupled with items about battle buses filled with Playstations do nothing to soften my position.

Maybe the company’s management is happy with this. Maybe this was its target image and maybe this approach is helping it to rake in loads of business.

But in my old-fashioned and humble opinion, publicly knocking the competition and making arrogant press comments is simply an unprofessional way to behave.


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