BDM of the week

Maria Betti is a good listener, a sound communicator and a pleasure to work with - that\'s why she is a worthy BDM of the week, says Just Mortgage Packaging\'s Anthony O\'Callaghan

Reasons for nomination:

BDMs form a vital link between packagers and lenders. They are a major route of communication and a source of information regarding products. Maria ticks all of these boxes. She communicates well and always phones back when she says she will. She gets involved with cases and sees everything through to its conclusion.

Maria is well liked by each member of staff and every broker she deals with. She always comes into the office with a smile on her face and makes a point of checking with everyone to ensure there are no issues that need dealing with. She is always quick to help and assist.

BDM says:

I feel privileged to be nominated by such a forward thinking and successful firm. I joined my company over four years ago because I admired its brand values, particularly the way it offers fantastic customer service, which is always a number one priority.

To be a good BDM you have to be a good listener and be accountable for all decisions. It is also important to always return phone calls in a timely manner and provide efficient solutions to problems.

I have worked with Anthony for several years. By working together towards a mutual goal we have both reaped the benefits offered by long-term business relationships.

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