Attacks on C&G broker sales managers are out of order

Enough is more than enough. The recent attacks in the industry press on C&G intermediary sales managers are bang out of order. The company has over 100 intermediary sales managers whose job it is to encourage brokers to use C&G.

Under normal circumstances, we do this with an expertise that is renowned throughout the industry. Do you honestly believe we want to give the present level of service?

C&G’s intermediary sales managers have a reputation of excellent service and an ability to help out when introducers require it. So what is going wrong?

In January this year, when C&G decided to address its lack of market share in the intermediary market and launch some market-leading products it failed to realise that it had allowed its branch staff to dwindle in numbers. Then it allowed branches to get carried away with a priority culture of ‘direct business comes first’.

This is a misguided priority as it only results in a fraction of C&G’s business levels.

C&G has invested millions in a failed online system called Caseflow. This was due to be released to the intermediary market last year and should have provided brokers with the ability to load their own cases and track them through to offer. We use it at the branches and I have to say its not an online system for modern introducers – it is far too user-unfriendly.

An online system that works may have helped C&G get through this latest embarrassment. Instead, its directors failed to consider what might happen when branches collapsed under high levels of business.

Branches got themselves into a blind panic and passed processing to head office which is also so underresourced that it has failed to deliver an acceptable service.

And it’s not over yet. All the peripheral issues that raise their ugly heads under normal lending conditions have increased massively and are heading our way as I write.

C&G intermediary sales managers have no faith or hope in the directors of C&G’s intermediary business and can you blame them? All that work building up loyal and profitable relationships with intermediaries for what?

So, dear introducers, please don’t shout and scream at your intermediary sales managers because it’s not their fault that your offer seems long overdue. Believe it or not, you would be waiting a darned site longer without their help – and you will need them sooner than you think for those times when you need favours.

I wish you could speak to the people responsible for this almighty cock-up and ask them to get your offers out, sort your free legal queries and generally salvage something from this embarrassing mess.

Maybe then the people in charge would realise just what state the great C&G is in and do something about it before it’s too late.

On behalf of the intermediary sales managers at C&G