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395,000 homebuyers will not need a mortgage

Just 13% of the three million people planning to buy a property between February and July claim they won’t need a mortgage, research from reveals.

A similar number are undecided as to whether they will need a loan to purchase their home. says that although cash buyers will include the wealthy – some of whom have benefited from massive city bonuses – the vast majority will be downsizing to purchase a cheaper property and plan to spend or invest the remaining equity in their home.

Department of Communities and Local Government figures show the average house is now worth £205,286 compared with £156,275 in July 2003, which is equivalent to 30% growth in three-and-a-half years.

Older homeowners are likely to be the main beneficiaries with 49% of people aged 50 and over who were interviewed and are planning on buying a new home, claiming they will not need a mortgage.

Only 6% of homebuyers aged between 30 and 50 said they could afford to buy without a mortgage, while for those 29 and under the figure was as low as 1%.

Eamonn Rice, chief executive of, says: “Property prices are such that many people cannot afford a home but rising property prices has meant that many people have become well-off and a number are cashing in on this by purchasing cheaper properties and releasing equity.

“Anyone who bought a house in the 1980s is certain to have seen massive growth in the value of their home and may now be in a position to cash in and move to a smaller house or relocate to a cheaper area. Downsizing makes financial sense.

“Cash buyers are set to play a significant role in the housing market over the next six months and those who aren’t lucky enough to be mortgage-free need to take note.

“Cash buyers are in the comfortable position of not having to worry about mortgages and can take a more relaxed attitude to buying and selling.

“As they are generally not in a chain their deals can go through more smoothly and they are inevitably more popular with sellers and estate agents.”


The necessary evolution of packagers

The arrival of statutory mortgage regulation heralded the beginning of industry-wide predictions that packagers were eventually going to be a thing of the past. As I have written before, this has proved not to be the case. Many packagers, including us, have continued to be in demand and almost a necessity with our brokers.

Transcom tightens net on debt absconders

Transcom, the European credit management provider is to jointly purchase European debt portfolios with Arrow Global, making it harder for absconders to escape their debts.Arrow Global has already purchased more than $17bn in receivables. Transcom is Europe’s largest collections company by geographic footprint.The deal with Arrow Global will focus on UK credit card and loan […]

How brokers can cover their backs

The inability of some borrowers to understand a single thing about their loans used to be a taboo subject. Cynical people might suggest that it was only taboo because borrower weakness was something brokers were happy to exploit and therefore wanted to keep quiet. Or that lenders were keen to avoid the authorities’ beady eyes and avoid mis-selling scandals while continuing to shift unsuitable products.

Charities stand to lose up to 75 million from Budget reform

Charities face losing over 75 million per year from April 2008, as a result of the reduction in the basic rate of income tax from 22% to 20%, announced in the Budget. Charities recover basic rate tax from HM Revenue and Customs when donors give money under the Gift Aid scheme this provides some 750 […]

Abe and Modi

Investment ideas to power returns

We believe the most exciting stockmarket opportunities today are in those places where a new generation of leaders are successfully transforming economies and companies in favour of investors. In a new investment guide and website, which is suitable for use with your clients, we set out our views on these reformers. Click here to find […]


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