Would a property with a flag put you off?

Propertyfinder.com has warned that football fans should avoid hanging English flags outside their homes if they want to sell during the World Cup.

It warns that this could not only put off potential buyers but might also decrease the value of the property.

So, this week Mortgage Strategy asks…

Neil Johnson, 38, sales manager – The fact that somebody is patriotic makes no difference to me. I live in Surrey and some houses have British flags hung outside them. People who would be put off buying by an England flag are snobs. Such an attitude is separatist rather than inclusive.

Kathy Pinner, 53, sales assistant – It reflects a sense of patriotism having the flag outside your house and people take pride in doing it. It wouldn’t bother me but my mother will not let me hang a flag outside – then again she would probably hang the Irish flag out. I think it’s snobbish if people are put off buying houses because they are flying the English flag.

Jimmy Horn, 29, international transmissions coordinator – A house with the English flag on it would probably put me off buying a bit. A flag on a house would suggest to me that the home owner or the neighbours are rather rowdy. There are a lot of flags near where I live. It is associated with football hooliganism. It would put me off buying and make me feel a little uneasy if a lot of houses in an area had the English flag hung outside.

Sarah Aspinall, 27, programming manager – No, it wouldn’t put me off buying at all as most houses fly the flag in times like this. That’s the way it is because of the World Cup. I don’t think it would put me off buying a property at the moment but there’s a time and a place. Now it is acceptable but flying a flag all year round would be slightly different. But I do have a flag on my car.

Viola Lambert, 44, office manager – It probably would put me off, which sounds awful. You see most English flags around council estates. A lot of council estates are associated with hooliganism. It would not make me feel that I was in a safe area. People with football flags are associated with having violent tendencies and are not the sort of neighbours you would want. It’s all well and good to fly the flag but it can give the wrong impression.

Tim Bennington, 42, scheduling programmer – I don’t think it would put me off buying a house but I’m not a football fan and hope that England does not win. I don’t like all the competitiveness that surrounds the World Cup but it’s everywhere and you can’t avoid it.

Victor Riva, 37, special effects editor – It might change my opinion of an area. But having said that my neighbour has the England flag hung outside his house so it wouldn’t put me off buying completely. I’d have to look more deeply into the type of area the house was in. This is a issue at the moment because of the World Cup but I don’t think it should be getting so much press attention.