Sesame slashes packager panel

Sesame has conducted a massive cull of its packager panel, cutting the panel from 53 to just 17.

Sesame says the decision to reduce the number on its panel was made when the number of packagers working with it became unmanageable.

Paul Wignall, product manager for mortgages at Sesame, says: Six months ago we had relationships with 53 packagers in total and this became unmanageable.

“We decided to review the panel so had to look at the service of each of the panels and the business from our members

We sent out questionnaires to all of our packagers with questions such as describe your service standard, what are your future plans and how do you rate your ability to work with us?

“Based on the answers we managed to get out numbers down to 17, which is much more manageable. Using the criteria we used to measure the packagers, we believe we have found the best 17 for our customers.

Wignall says packagers still have an important role to play in the industry and, even after the cut Sesame can still offer the best service with the most choice.

He adds: With 17 packagers on our panel, we still have more than most companies around and we now have a manageable number, meaning we can build good working relationships, which will benefit our members.