Pink and Savills team up with overseas proposition

Pink Home Loans has teamed up with Savills Private Finance to offer an overseas proposition to its customers.

Buying a property abroad is no longer seen as something just for the well off and the overseas market holds great potential, not only for the buyer but also the intermediary.

Intermediaries will be required to complete a short enquiry form, which will be referred to SPF who will deal with the clients enquiry.

SPF will source the right mortgage for clients and take care of the advice and recommendation in relation to the mortgage being secured on an overseas property.

This means intermediaries will be in a position to offer their clients another service through Pink and will also earn commission for their referral.

SPF can arrange mortgages in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland.

Mike Boles, head of internationals at SPF, says: Our international division includes fluent French, Spanish and Italian speakers, enabling us to speed up the application process when dealing with local notaries and banks.

We are fully independent, which means we can access all lenders giving the client more choice and competitive rates.

We are delighted that Pink has chosen to work with us

Tony Jones, managing director at Pink Home Loans, adds: Over the last few years we have seen a substantial increase in the number of people buying properties abroad and we expect further growth in this sector.

A recent Pink 1000 survey revealed 91% of intermediaries would consider using an overseas mortgage referral service.

This indicates that there is a strong demand for the service will we be introducing and this will give our intermediaries the opportunity to develop their business and enhance the service they offer to their clients.