Money Partners launches revamped mortgage range

Money Partners has announced a number of enhancements to its range of Origin-branded mortgages.

The changes take effect from Monday June 19 2006, and comprise the following:

Discount products
Three-year discount mortgage a new product offering a discount element of 1% throughout the full discount period. Rates start at 5.09%, and there is no extended early redemption charge period.

Two year discount mortgage the discount element is increased to 1.25% throughout the full discount period. Rates now start at 4.84%, and there is no extended ERC period.

One year discount ERC period reduced.

Fixed rate products
Two-year fixed rates reduced giving starting rate of 5.19%
Three-year fixed rates reduced giving starting rate of 5.29%

In addition, Money Partners is offering brokers and customers a summer special incentive by removing its fixed rate funding fee of 195 on all cases processed on the new fixed rate plans. The offer is available until September 1 2006.

Adam Henry, Money Partners sales and marketing director, says: Following the rebranding and repositioning of our mortgage products earlier this year, we decided the time was right to improve them further. With fixed rates generally moving up, we wanted to provide our brokers with a competitive offering for their more price sensitive clients. Our new discount range achieves this by offering highly attractive rates and no overhangs on the most popular options.

Henry adds: To complement this, we have reduced our fixed rates at a time when many lenders have withdrawn theirs altogether. This gives our brokers an attractive solution for clients who require peace of mind through financial certainty.