Marketing Brief

Support is critical in the mortgage industry. Kevin Paterson\'s A-Z review rates the marketing material that lenders issue to help brokers with sales and business development

Founder of the sub-prime marketplace in this country in 1995, Kensington Mortgages continues to impress and its website marketing reinforces this. The blue and orange layout is clean with plenty for brokers to use. I particularly like the marketing toolkit download which is a useful aid to promoting your business. The 46-page guide offers helpful information presented in a compliant way. Kent Reliance’s website is a departure from the norm. It is presented as a virtual office with the items in it acting as a navigation bar. It is a bit gimmicky and complex. I’m sure the designers felt they were being cutting edge but it comes across as a bit silly.

Kensigton Mortgages
The grandfather of the sub-prime arena has plenty of experience in marketing its products to the broker community and it shows. Everything you need is here and the marketing throughout the website is clear and well laid out, although I’m not sure about the references to a handful of historical icons – Edison, Brunel and Hilary and Tensing – graphically interspersed throughout the site. No doubt this is a nod towards innovation and trail blazing. There is a wealth of documentation including every conceivable form you could need, and helpfully there is a document called the marketing toolkit. This generic document is priceless for small businesses and you’d do well to have a look even if you think you know it all.

kent Reliance
Navigating around this strange website takes a bit of getting used to. The homepage is laid out as a virtual office with the various elements of the navigation bar represented by items in the office. Most of the marketing aspects of the website seem to be restricted to the site itself and it’s almost as if Kent Reliance spent so much time and effort on the concept that it forgot to add any real marketing. While it makes a nice change to come across a website presented in an unusual way I imagine this one will frustrate many brokers who just want to go in, get what they need and get out, as you can easily get lost and you’re never sure if you are where you should be. I can also imagine the site operating more slowly on slightly older PCs due to the amount of functionality.