Linden respond to government report

Philip Davies, chief executive of Linden Homes, says the Government
must take some blame for the growing prominence of buy to let investors. highlighted in the recently released report.

The government report ‘Affordability and the Supply of Housing’ says the investors are “distoring local housing markets.”

Davies says: “The growing army of private landlords criticised in this report is the direct result of the Government’s planning policy which requires housebuilders to build high density homes on the limited land released for
development, in other words, apartments.

“Developments of family homes are becoming like gold dust as they fail to
meet the criteria of local planning authorities who are dictated to by
central government planning policy, meaning housebuilders are having to
adapt their product to suit what they are permitted to build.

“Linden Homes built 70% houses and 30% apartments five years ago, but now this is reversed to 70% apartments and 30% houses and it is young families who are suffering.

“Hopefully this report will drive the issue home to the government. Local
authorities should have more power to decide the housing mix required by
their local community and housebuilders, who understand the market, should
be permitted to get on with the job.”