Launch DB Countdown

Fresh faces join the sales team, a red face for an underwriter with an IT problem, Neil Loader attends yet more roadshows and I discover I have a personal shopper, says Bill Dudgeon

Three fresh faces join the sales team today – Audrey Piechura from The Mortgage Business, Jane Hanlon from Kensington Mortgages and Paul Brookbank from BDS. They are experienced in the industry and are in Chester today so it’s a lively office. A serious IT problem arises for one of our underwriters who after many phone calls and an in-depth investigation finds the problem is due to the fact her mouse isn’t plugged in. All talk is of England’s opening World Cup game on Saturday.

Mark returns from the sun refreshed and raring to go. In fact he has come in early to meet the new starters and take them to Chester races. Preparations are underway for the Mortgage Strategy Summit in Jerez. Gini in sales support arrives back after lunch with my kit for the presentation – two T-shirts and a pair of chinos. I knew the support team was great but am surprised to find I have a personal shopper. Neil Loader is in Old Trafford for the Mortgage Brain roadshow which is a success despite his trepidation at being a Liverpool fan at Manchester United’s ground.

It’s official – we have Mel Gibson working here, or so we are told by one of the technical team. Strangely, many of us can’t see the resemblance between Mel Gibson and Rod Davies who is unimpressed by the comparison. Still it gives me the idea for a look-a-likes Christmas party. Neil is on his travels again, this time up to Newcastle for the next Mortgage Brain roadshow along with Audrey Piechura.

We meet an automated valuation model provider to look into the possibilities for us. Dare I say it – Neil is at another Mortgage Brain roadshow, this time in Sheffield. I have assured him there is no bonus for mileage covered. Everyone is asking me about an early finish – I wonder why.

After lengthy talks analysing the England game last night we meet up with John Mawdsley from The Mortgage Partnership. We start to look at some of our recent PR activity and make plans for the next few months.