House buyers prefer online conveyancing

A survey carried out by one of the countrys top conveyancing firms has revealed that nearly two-thirds of people prefer not to see their solicitor when buying a house.

Barnetts Solicitors surveyed nearly 1,700 people in a web poll and 64 per cent of the voters believed it was not an advantage to have a face to face meeting with a solicitor in order to complete their conveyancing.

Tony Swift, partner at Barnetts Solicitors says: In a number of cases clients do not want to spend their leisure time visiting a solicitor during their conveyancing when they can do all of the necessary communication over the internet.”

In todays society there is a strong demand for an arms length service. The majority of our clients will only want to visit a conveyancer when there are complex problems in a case that cannot be resolved easily.”

Services such as car insurance can be carried out entirely over the internet and conveyancing is ultimately going to go the same way saving clients both time and money.”

Perhaps we will see some other less face to face legal services following suit.

Barnetts was one of the first law firms in the country to sign up to Sky televisions e-business interactive TV service and it has recently launched its new web-based conveyancing service, Click conveyancing. Both services allow Barnetts clients to check the progress of their conveyancing case from their own home.