GHL Group begins series of AR dinners

Guaranteed and Genesis Home Loans have begun a series of appointed representative dinners which will run monthly over the remainder of the year at venues throughout the country.

The events have been planned to help enhance the working relationship between GHL and its members.

They will also offer ARs the chance to meet with a number of the GHL Group directors in informal surroundings, and to be able to discuss with them the issues that affect their business on a daily basis.

Similarly, they will also offer the directors an opportunity to learn more about their ARs, their company setup, their opinions on the range of services currently provided and also their needs for the continued growth and development of their business.

Over the coming months ARs within the GHL Group will receive an invitation to attend an evening dinner at a location near to them.

Graham Sharkey, a broker at Status Mortgage Services in Kent, says: The concept of the meal was a very good idea and in my opinion proved highly successful.

“Having the ability to sit down and discuss my business issues with four of the GHL Group directors, including managing director Nigel Gardner, was incredibly useful and it was excellent that they were willing to do this. The whole event backed up my feeling of being very happy with my chosen network and its staff.”

John Smith, sales and marketing director at GHL Group, says: We are keen to ensure that our AR members feel part of their network and that we develop our range of services and facilities inline with their needs.

Being able to meet in person provides us with an ideal platform on which to base our working relationship and at the same time, show our ARs that they are dealing with real people who are genuinely interested in their business.

“We were delighted with the response we received to our first event, which proved to be a thoroughly rewarding, and entertaining evening for all involved.