Curriculum Vitae – Peter Brennan

\"I had to climb through my car\'s sun roof after the central locking failed\"

Name: Peter Brennan

Age: The right side of 40 – just

Company: Money Partners.

Job title: Operations director.

Where do you live?

Beaconsfield, Bucking-hamshire.

Describe your current job: Overseeing all operational activities including mortgages and secured loans underwriting. I work particularly closely with the sales team to build strong relationships with our brokers and packagers.

What was your first job? Helping my father bodge his DIY jobs. My first proper job was as a management trainee with Midland Bank. My manager, a real Captain Mainwaring type, said on my first day: “Keep your nose clean son, and you’ll have a job for life.”

What was your last job?

Chief operating officer at igroup overseeing new business and servicing. I was there for seven years during which time I saw four changes of ownership which was quite an experience. I was part of the team that sold the business to GE in 2001.

What have you done in between?

I’ve moved along an interesting learning curve from being a broker in the heady 1980s through to servicing some of those same mortgages as a lender in the challenging 1990s. I enjoyed the operational aspects of servicing and the experience proved to invaluable when I moved into a new business role in 2000.

What has been the defining point of your career to date? Realising I didn’t want a job for life in a bank. The result was a fresh career in a finance brokerage after convincing the managing director I had something to offer. Captain Mainwaring was dumbstruck when I told him but it showed me you have to make things happen yourself. I’ve subscribed to that philosophy ever since.

And the most embarrassing? Late for a presentation, I had to climb through my car’s sun roof after the central locking failed. I was parked in front of a building with predom-inantly smoked glass windows so I thought I’d escaped unseen but as I walked into the packed conference room I noticed it did not have smoked glass windows.

Do you have a mortgage?