Consumer champion’s view on HIPs made me laugh out loud

From Nigel Pamment

I read with interest the letters pages in the June 5 issue of Mortgage Strategy and especially the contributions from Louise Hanson of Which? and James Town of Mortgage Decisions, giving their differing views on Home Information Packs.

I am not the most knowledgable person when it comes to HIPs but our conveyancer is offering them and we intend to take advantage of its service. I tend to agree with the views of Town and think the HIP implementation process may not go smoothly.

I laughed out loud at Hanson’s comments to the effect that HIPs are need-ed by consumers. Has anyone asked consumers?

Which? jumps on any bandwagon that is commonly perceived to be in the interests of consumers until it all goes belly up.

Why doesn’t it wait until HIPs are tried and tested in, say, 18 months’ time before advertising itself as a consumer crusader on this point? If HIPs go belly up and are shown not to be working Which? will be the first organisation to criticise them and exercise a quick change of mind.

I believe we should try this idea out and if it doesn’t work, try something else.

And anyway, there are more important issues to resolve at the moment such as getting the government to raise thresholds on Stamp Duty, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

Nigel PammentSenior holistic planner

Inspirational Financial Management