Consultancy launches guide of services for breakers

Business consultancy Conchango is launching a site to guide mortgage practitioners through the solutions offered.

Benefits to businesses and those working in the mortgage sector include a eduction of operational costs, acceleration and streamlining of processing and implification of intermediary communication.

Many of the benefits for businesses which can be passed onto consumers include reduction of time to offer, receipt of all applications electronically which will cut administration costs, reduction of inbound calls and call centre costs, increased completions per FTE day and rReduction of product withdrawal time.

John Godfrey, head of financial sector sales, says: We have many years’ experience developing integrated, scalable multi-channel solutions which provide innovative, cost-reducing and service enhancing solutions for the mortgage industry. We have an outstanding track record in the financial services sector and the depth of business domain expertise in our mortgage practice to the industry.

“Our clients, including Bank of Ireland and Nationwide, recognise our thorough understanding of the issues which are faced by the market and our accompanying solutions.