Advantage unveils direct website

Advantage has launched e:lect, its direct to lender website which gives brokers access to its recently launched product range funded by Morgan Stanley.

The e:lect website will sit alongside e:valuate, the branded mortgage packager offering.

Peter Bass, sales director at Advantage, says: “The vast majority of brokers like to deal direct with lenders and e:lect allows them to do that while still being able to use e:valuate.”

Bass says the products it launched in May have been well received by brokers and it will consider launching further ranges.

John Burnard, principal at New Life Financial Planning, welcomes the website and says going direct to lenders has advantages.

He says: “I prefer to deal with lenders directly. I find it works better that way as there are fewer complications.”

Advantage’s ADV product range covers most of the sub-prime sector and offers a choice of fixed or discounted rates based on an affordability-based lending model.

A number of enhancements have been made to the ADV range since its launch, including new rates across the seven credit categories and alterations to underwriting criteria.

Selected fixed rates have been cut across all categories and proof of the past three months’ payments is no longer required on the un- limited scheme if moving from a prime lender. If moving from a sub-prime lender, only the past three months’ proof of payments are required. The proof of residency requirement has also been cut to 12 months.

The ADV range is now available in Scotland and Northern Ireland.