The Mortgage Mole

Festive Stunts
The Mortgage Strategy team were full of festive cheer last week as they embarked on their annual Christmas lunch. In true Strategy style, the alcohol was flowing as the festivities got underway. Meanwhile, editor Robyn Hall was a man at work after temporarily losing his hand-eye coordination and falling head first into some roadworks while leaving the restaurant.

Hall, however, managed to get further than hackette Natalie, who mistakenly took the glass wall to be the door to the restaurant. After pushing on it for five minutes, senior features writer Barney soon set the record straight.

White Witch
After said boozy Christmas lunch, several members of the Strategy team managed to make their wobbly way down to Leicester Square for champagne and canap豠with Prudential before settling down to watch Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Perhaps it was the wine, but something persuaded hackette Rebecca Atkinson to don a white dress, gold heels and a fake white fur coat for the occasion, a decision she regretted after being told she looked more like one of Soho’s finest than a white witch.

Being presented with a bottle of bubbly for being the best dressed helped ease her embarrassment somewhat, although frankly Mole was still too mortified to be seen with her.

Vroom Vroom
Chris Pearson, head of national accounts at Halifax, has obviously been a good boy this year as Santa brought his present early. Chris is now the proud owner of a Ferrari 360. However, he has strenuously denied rumours that borrowing his car is permitted under Halifax’s slogan: “Who gives you extra?”.

Taking The Mick
Mole was witness to a spectacular dance performance at the Kensington Christmas party in Waxy O’Connors last week. Lending Strategy’s John Forsdick wowed the crowd with his impeccable Mick Jagger impression and impressive dance moves. “I wasn’t quite sure what was happening at first,” a bemused Natalie fessed up to Mole. “I thought he was having a fit and offered to help him -but he tried dragging me up to dance too. I wasn’t drunk enough for that.” Not likely.

Gifts Galore
Mole’s been inundated with Christmas gifts, but extra special thanks to c2 Financial, Hamptons, Kensington Mortgages, mortgageforce, Mortgage Express (we did like the space hoppers), Mortgage Intelligence, Nationwide, Platform, The Business Mortgage Company and The Mortgage Business. Hic! Anyone got any Alka Seltzer?