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RAMP reveals 55% increase in business

The Regulatory Association of Mortgage Packagers has revealed a 51% increase in completed business in November over the same period last year.

Over the full year RAMP is now 27% up on 2004.

John Rice, managing director of RAMP, says: It is great to be able to go into the Christmas period with a record increase in business. RAMP members have been able to shrug off the effects of M Day quicker than many in the industry and because we have concentrated on getting the basics right in terms of compliance and product exclusives, members have been able to concentrate on the task of business acquisition.

RAMP has also reaped the benefit of having a settled complement of members and in view of what has happened recently with other packager groups, everyone at RAMP is focussed on building their business without outside distraction.

Paul Robinson, chief executive at Solent Mortgage Services, adds: RAMP membership has made a significant difference in what has been a difficult trading year. RAMP membership promotes open discussion on topics such as compliance and product innovation for the benefit of both intermediaries and consumers. At SMS, our staff has worked hard to maintain relationships with customers and lenders in a time of market change, which has brought its rewards.


Brokers must face up to HIPs challenge

In last week’s column, I explained what Home Information Packs are. This week I want to explain why they are being launched, when this will happen and how much they will cost.

Dear delia

Dear Delia Ian and Lesley are looking to buy their first home in London for up to 240,000. They have saved a 5% deposit. They realise their options may be limited due to their credit record – one rental arrears 10 months ago and one CCJ incurred six months ago. Ian earns 32,000 and Lesley 24,000. Ian is paying off a car loan at 250 a month, while Lesley’s outstanding credit card balance is 4,000. What are their options?

em-homeloan launches range

em-homeloans is offering a range of products in conjunction with lending partner First National. em-‘s branded lending division willoffer brokers a light-to-medium, two-year fixed rate at85% LTV with a rateof 6.59%; a two-year discount at 75% LTVwith a rate of 6.44%; and a first-time buyer 95% LTV two-year discount with a rate of 5.94%.

The investment clock

While Trump blazes blond in the political foreground, it’s easy to overlook the economic background to the new political dimension of 2017. Political risk will be a feature of the year: the unpredictable and untested Trump administration has already created uncertainty, which is unlikely to diminish, especially if protectionist rhetoric starts to outweigh promises of […]


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