Oakwood recruits eight from HBOS and BM Solutions

The Oakwood Group, the London based private equity firm focused on the specialist lending sector, has made eight appointments.

The following people are expected to join Oakwood in 2006, once their contractual obligations towards their current employers are fulfilled: Chris Preston, head of operational credit at HBOS specialist lending; Colin Barrett, senior product manager at HBOS specialist lending; Sue Clarke, head of marketing at BM Solutions; Elaine Forth, senior marketing communications manager at BM Solutions; Laura Calcroft, events manager at BM Solutions; Simon Lee, head of underwriting at BM Solutions; Dianne Malsbury, head of quality improvement at BM Solutions; Andrew Brown, operations leader at BM Solutions.

Mike Culhane, chief executive of Oakwood, says: I am very pleased that these individuals have agreed to join Oakwood. They are highly talented people who will be valuable additions to our team and I look forward to working with them.