Lenders’ exclusives raise spectre of mis-selling

From Keith Butler

Can I add one point to the excellent cover feature ‘Special Benefits’ by Harvey Jones in last week’s Mortgage Strategy (December 12). The feature detailed the pros and cons of lenders offering brokers exclusive products.

But one point that wasn’t covered was the fact that if lenders offer exclusives to brokers, they have to make it clear to their direct customers that not all of their products are being made available.

This is why some lenders are wary of going down this route.

For example, if a customer were to go to a lender’s branch office and be recommended a specific product, and subsequently found the lender had a more suitable product on the market that wasn’t recommended to them as it was only available through a broker, the customer would appear to have a strong argument for having been mis-sold. Hence, full disclosure must be a requirement for lenders.