British households spend 334 on Christmas presents

The average British household will spend an average of 334.88 on Christmas presents and 83.5% will spend around 16.25 hours shopping for gifts for family and friends this year, reveals research from the Portman.

In addition, British households will spend on average 150.75 on entertaining at home over the festive period.

The survey also found the majority of people have a very traditional view of Christmas – 99% of those surveyed will be celebrating Christmas, with 43% describing it as “a wonderful tradition”. Over three quarters spend the festive season with their family, 45% stay at home and only 2% opt to spend the holidays abroad or away from home.

The vast majority prefer to remain close to home, with 63.5% travelling less than five miles on Christmas Day.

Almost half of those surveyed were most looking forward to spending time with their family over the Christmas period. And the Christmas spirit appears alive and well as over a fifth thought giving presents was the best part of the season. On the other hand 83.5% of people thought the expense and commercial nature of Christmas was the worst aspect.

Yet despite this it seems many people feel a feel sense of regret when it’s all over. Half of people questioned said they couldn’t wait until next year with 29% feeling pangs of guilt at over indulging in food and drink.

Helen Shaw, group communications manager for Portman, says: “Christmas is still overwhelmingly a time for families and despite the availability of cheap flights abroad, most still choose to remain close to home. The average British household will spend hundreds of pounds on gifts, entertaining and the round of Christmas parties, yet despite the expense most of us can’t wait for it to come round again.”