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Weed out the unfit

From Richard Hall

CP146 is what the mortgage industry has needed for a long, long time. It&#39s just a shame it&#39s going to be another 18 months before statutory regulation is implemented. My background is largely in the heavily-regulated life and insurance sectors. The companies I worked for prior to setting up Best Advice flourished. Why? Because they embraced regulation lock, stock and barrel. They worked with regulatory bodies to ensure that regulation was effective – and targeted companies and individuals who deserved to be weeded out.

There are many companies – my own included – that have nothing to fear from CP146. We can only benefit. It is my belief that a large number of organisations will have difficulties in implementing the proposals as they stand. Many of these companies will not be around in three years time. That kind of situation will be good for the industry – and good news for the consumer as well.

Richard Hall

Managing director

Best Advice Mortgage Centre



Scarborough Building Society alters proc fees

Detailed below is the scale of procuration fees paid to mortgage intermediaries by Scarborough Building Society: Residential mortgage products: £25,000 to £74,999 = £150£75,000 to £149,999 = £175£150,000+ = £200 Buy-to-let mortgage products: £25,000 to £74,999 = £250£75,000 to £149,999 = £400£150,000+ = £500

Bradford & Bingley renews sourcing deal with Mortgage Brain

Bradford & Bingley plc has announced the renewal of their mortgage sourcing systems with Mortgage Brain. The Bradford & Bingley Group is the largest provider of independent financial and mortgage services in the UK, and houses both the MarketPlace and Charcol brands. Mortgage Brain has been reselected as the exclusive external mortgage sourcing engine following […]

Mortgage Strategy training page error

An error appeared on this week&#39s Mortgage Strategy training page (page 27). The answer to question two of our MAQ test questions:“Hugh and Liz have a 5% cashback on a £60,000 mortgage. How much cashback is that?”is B.) £3,000, not C.) £33,000 as stated in the magazine. Apologies for any confusion caused.

The mortgage mole

Bristol balloonAugust gets a bit sweaty underground, so Mole was all too eager to live the high life aboard a hot air balloon, courtesy of Bristol & West. Decked out with air-sickness bag and waterproofs &#39just in case&#39, Mole duly trekked over the fairground and beer-tent-filled hills of the Bristol balloon festival – only to […]

Embrace simplicity!

By Fiona Holmes, proposition communications manager When I first took out critical illness cover, I was overwhelmed. It wasn’t just the form filling, it was finding out about the sheer number of illnesses I was covered for. Did it give me peace of mind that I was covered for neuromyelitis optica or systematic lupus erythematosus? […]


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