OFT bans estate agents

Estate agents Robert Michael Cheslett and Paul Pacelli Quigley have been banned from estate agency work.

Mr Cheslett, and Mr Quigley, who have both worked as estate agents, received Prohibition Orders in separate actions by the OFT. They are the fourth and fifth estate agents to be banned by the OFT this year.

Stockport Trading Standards Department drew Mr Cheslett to the attention of the OFT. Mr Cheslett had been convicted at Manchester Crown Court, Tameside Magistrates&#39 Court and Liverpool Crown Court of various offences involving fraud and other dishonesty or violence. He received a number of fines and suspended imprisonment sentences.

Mr Quigley had been convicted at Southwark Crown Court of an offence of conspiracy to defraud. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment.

An adjudicator appointed by the OFT determined that Mr Cheslett and Mr Quigley were both unfit to carry on estate agency work. Prohibition Orders were made against Mr Cheslett and Mr Quigley on 12 July and 23 July 2002 respectively.