Never too old to learn

From Neale R Scott

I write as a &#39long-in-the-tooth&#39 mortgage adviser having been in the business for some 26 years. I&#39m yet to sit the CeMAP exams (first is booked for August 30), am dreading every minute until December 31, and am desperately trying to find time to study, &#39do&#39 the business and keep family happy.

I read, with great sympathy and understanding, the long letters of protest and woe from other &#39elder statesmen&#39 in our business who inform us that they have many satisfied clients, no complaints, excellent record-keeping, etc., but just can&#39t find the time – let alone absorb the information – to study.

Eighteen months ago, being aware of the potential and burgeoning need for accurate record-keeping (no, mine was not as good as it should have been), compliance procedures and general administration assistance, I recruited a suitable assistant.

This lady had never been in, or remotely linked with, our type of profession and was not sure if she was going to enjoy the subject, but she decided that the only way to fully understand my requirements would be for her to take the exams – making it quite clear that, if she passed, she would not wish to deal with clients on an advisory basis.

Needless to say, despite my doubts, she passed all three exams at only just below distinction level in a period of just four months – an achievement for which I naturally have the greatest of respect.

Now I hear you all saying: “Ah, but she&#39s probably young, has no other commitments and study is easy for her,” but the opposite is true. She is no spring chicken (although her appearance does not betray that), and she has a demanding family life plus other interests.

She achieved her results by management of time and by putting in the required amount of study. So, all doubting Thomases, please note that it can be done, even by people that have no knowledge of the business.

Neale R Scott