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Ian Jeffery, sales and marketing director at Intelligent Finance, says the client should consider an offset mortgage as a means of getting the most out of his money I wish more people were like Dr Johnson and considered reviewing their finances at regular intervals. Too often people take out policies, set up the direct debit and then forget about it without accounting for changing circumstances.

With an estimated cost of £20,000, Dr Johnson&#39s home improvements will be a major commitment for the family. Equity release is definitely the cheapest way to borrow. Even with Intelligent Finance&#39s rates, a personal loan would cost him an APR of 8.9% but if he took out equity release he&#39d be paying the £20,000 at only 4.95% APR. Clearly with a house worth £250,000 and a mortgage of only £120,000, Dr Johnson would probably have no problem in applying for a remortgage of £140,000 to cover the cost of the improvements.

As he&#39d likely be able to get more than the amount required for improvements to the house, Dr Johnson could also look at this route for paying off any outstanding loans he may have – such as for the family car – but he would need to see if there were any penalties for redeeming the existing loans. Intelligent Finance&#39s personal loans have no redemption penalties despite being on a fixed rate for the life of the loan. However, many loan providers charge large penalties for redeeming loans early – a by-product of the rule of 78.

Dr Johnson also has a tax bill of £15,000, which needs to be paid in two installments in July and then again in January. As this is an inevitable expenditure, I would expect that Dr Johnson puts away an amount each month in some sort of savings account. It&#39s worth looking at where this money is kept as many high-street savings accounts are paying particularly poorly at the moment in relation to online banks. In fact, if he opened up one of Intelligent Finance&#39s new sole trader direct access accounts (DASA), he&#39d be able to earn 3.8% gross AER (annual earnings rate) on his savings.

The downside of putting money into a savings account is that the government taxes Dr Johnson on any interest earned. So by setting up a savings account to pay the taxman, he&#39s effectively paying the taxman twice.

To avoid this, he could consider using the sole trader DASA to offset against a mortgage with Intelligent Finance. This product is particularly designed to enable sole traders to offset against their personal borrowings and would mean that we would only be charging interest on the difference between the mortgage balance and the balance in the savings account. Over the term of the mortgage, if it were a capital and interest mortgage, Dr Johnson would save £8,379.77 and be able to pay off the £140,000 mortgage 10 months early.

In fact, as a higher rate taxpayer, to match the benefits of offsetting, he would have to find a savings account paying 8.1% on his savings.


SPML introduces proactive fax notices for packagers

Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited (SPML) has enhanced its service to packagers by introducing an automatic fax notification every time a condition stipulated on a mortgage offer has been satisfied. This &#39real-time&#39 fax notification is triggered by the data being entered on SPML&#39s own computerised case tracking system, and it is already being viewed as a […]

Mortgages PLC restructures and expands sales and marketing team

Mortgages PLC has completed the restructure and expansion of its sales and marketing team. Two senior sales appointments have been announced, with Mark Harrison and Bryn Hancock being appointed to the newly created positions of regional managers for the North and South of the UK respectively. Harrison was previously with Bank of Ireland, where he […]

New nominal rate and buy-to-let deals from Bristol & West Mortgages

Bristol & West Mortgages has lowered its nominal rate to 6.5% from 7.75%. This means that all minimum rental yields will be calculated on this rate, except for the five-year fixed products, which still use the actual rate. For example, when a buy-to-let loan application is considered, theamount of money offered to the customer is […]

Insurers and police in new partnership to beat insurance cheats

A national agreement between the ABI (Association of British Insurers) and police forces around the country will now enable insurers quickly and easily to obtain information from the police whenever they suspect a fraudulent claim is being made. Insurers will ask the police for further information where there is evidence that fraud has been committed, […]

China: growth defence or another debt-fuelled boom?

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