Government to tackle London&#39s housing problems

Increasing the supply of affordable housing is highlighted in the latest edition of the London Housing Statement launched yesterday on the websites of the Government Office for London and the Housing Corporation.

The 2002 statement sets out the key housing issues in the capital and announces a programme of action to address them.

Besides affordable housing the statement also focuses on promoting regeneration to achieve sustainable communities; reducing homelessness and use of inappropriate temporary accommodation; developing the private rented sector; and bringing social housing up to decency standards.

Housing minister Jeff Rooker says: “London is a city of wealth and opportunity, but many Londoners cannot share in this because they are unable to find decent homes that they can afford to buy or rent.

“We will not be able to solve the problems overnight but I believe that by working closely with a wide range of partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors we can start to make some real progress in tackling the issues.”

The statement will provide a framework for the housing strategies of the 33 London authorities and identify the priorities for investment in affordable housing by the Housing Corporation in 2003/04.