Platform urges all industry players to get involved in debate on advice


Platform is looking to spark an industry-wide debate on what it means to give advice as part of its bid to raise public awareness of the benefits of using brokers.

Platform launched the Define Advice campaign with Mortgage Strategy last month and wants to see the creation of a standard definition of advice so borrowers know what to expect.

Speaking on the latest edition of MSTV, Lee Gladwell, sales and proposition director at Platform, says: “I see a lot of brokers who provide a professional service to borrowers but I don’t think we do enough to promote that.

“The basis of our campaign is to come up with a standard definition of what borrowers should expect to receive by way of advice. If we can achieve that I think we’ll be in a much better position to promote the sector.”

Gladwell wants to open up the debate on the definition of advice to the rest of the industry.

He adds: “We’ve raised the issue ourselves but there are many business writers who see clients every day. They will have a better view of the kind of definition we should come up with.

“We’re keen to see this become an industry-wide debate, with a lot of advisers, trade bodies and other lenders getting involved.”

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