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Lenders that back brokers are finding it a profitable idea

It’s clear that lenders will soon have to realise that using mortgage brokers as a distribution channel is an effective way of increasing market share. Having more branches is not profitable.

I’m still amazed at the number of lenders dual pricing. They should offer the same rates to brokers as that way they could cover all the angles of distribution at a lower cost.

Brokers are frustrated because they feel they have introduced a lot of new clients to lenders without support.

You only have to look at the examples of Barclays/Woolwich and Santander/Abbey for Intermediaries to see why these lenders are still supporting brokers and getting results.



Specialist lenders are just waiting for investors to return

The issue with specialist lending is not that there are no lenders willing to do it but rather that there are no investors willing to invest in it at the moment. That’s why all the remaining lenders of this type have moved to the prime arena if possible, or ceased lending altogether. Many are simply […]

Leader: An unpopularity contest

If the readers of Mortgage Strategy could decide the general election there would be no risk of a hung parliament, with 56% voting Conservative in our latest straw poll. Unfortunately for Tory leader David Cameron, the brokers voting on Mortgage Strategy Online don’t seem to be representative of the wider voting public. In the wake […]


Taking the lead with equity release advice

Recent developments in the equity release market confirm our belief that IFAs represent the best way to get these products in front of clients.And the demise of a number of big direct sales forces in recent years would appear to support this position. But the problem is that many IFAs report they have few clients […]


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