Outspoken Monty Burn to join MS as columnist

Mortgage Watchdog chairman Monty Burn has announced his retirement from broking and is to join Mortgage Strategy as a columnist.

Burn, a former compliance officer, says it&#39s time for him to take a less active role.

He says: “I have taken Mortgage Watchdog as far as I can on limited resources and the company must either form an alliance with a packager or get an injection of funds. I am relinquishing ownership and will write for Mortgage Strategy as I have views on numerous matters concerning the mortgage and insurance industry.”

Burn has had a chequered career having served as the compliance officer at the MCRI, the predecessor to the MCCB, from which he was sacked for highlighting scams in the mortgage and insurance industry through his book, The Mortgage Bible.

Branded a whistleblower, Burn was soon appointed as resident mortgage expert &#39The Mortgage Buster&#39 on Trevor McDonald&#39s Tonight TV show.

MS publisher Patrick Ponsford says: “Monty&#39s contribution to the industry has been remarkable and we&#39re delighted that he has chosen to join us. Watch this space.”