Invitation to join unique &#39payment by results&#39 PR service

Llewellyn-Slade PR is inviting up to three more financial services companies to apply to join its unique retainer-free, payment by results PR service Transparency.

Successful applicants will join existing high profile clients such as Bankhall and Mortgage Intelligence, in benefiting from LSPR&#39s leading-edge approach to build their profile and enhance their reputation among their target audiences.

Transparency clients pay no ongoing monthly retainer or fixed project fee. They simply pay for success in line with a pre-agreed tariff.

The service targets all media including trade, regional and national press, radio, TV and completely personalised mass communication utilising innovative online technology that is exclusive to LSPR.

Mark Llewellyn-Slade, managing director of LSPR, says: “Transparency is a special service for special clients so numbers are limited. We all operate in a world of oversupply, particularly in financial services.

“However, some people and organisations positively stand out from the crowd but this doesn&#39t happen by accident. LSPR aims to build great reputations for its clients so they will see a significant step change in their profile.

“LSPR&#39s vision is to create a blueprint for how reputation management should be delivered by working with a select family of clients. At the same time, it&#39s about shifting the balance of risk away from the client and putting them in control.

“Disillusioned companies have been approaching us having worked with traditional PR agencies who have been charging often sky-high fixed retainers with long notice periods – in return for often disappointing results. Perhaps the PR industry could do with some reputation management of its own.”

Shaun Godfrey, group sales director at Bankhall, says: “The Transparency payment by results service makes real business sense for Bankhall. It&#39s a refreshing PR approach that addresses the age-old problem of measuring value for money.

“Bankhall knows what it wants from its PR activity and is happy to pay for it, but only when it gets it. The company knows where it stands with Llewellyn-Slade PR. Importantly, by its very nature, payment by results also encourages an innovative, focused, highly motivated PR team.”

Sally Laker, managing director at Mortgage Intelligence, says: “Mortgage Intelligence has worked with Mark Llewellyn-Slade for the last five years having followed him from Bell Pottinger to Weber Shandwick and then Llewellyn-Slade PR. During that time, the reputation and awareness of the business has gone from strength to strength. With the company&#39s advice and hands-on approach to media relations, the quantity and quality of media coverage MI has achieved has been phenomenal. I would thoroughly recommend Llewellyn-Slade PR.”

Mark Llewellyn-Slade adds: “The company is now ready to invite expressions of interest for our payment by results service from potential new clients. Transparency clients can be large or small but they all have common traits – they are open minded, confident and willing to listen.

“In return, LSPR won&#39t feed them hot air and puffery delivered by PR fluffy bunnies – justsmart thinking and delivery.

“LSPR believes that traditional public relations looks and feels a little tired these days. While the rest of the business world is constantly reinventing itself to maintain a competitive edge, PR consultancies are doing the same old thing in the same old way.

“Perhaps it&#39s a fear of failure. And with the results – no one really knows whether it represents value for money and traditional consultancies are not really motivated to find out because they get paid either way. So why rock the boat? ”