Former Axis PR guru publishes pop culture book

Former Axis PR guru Paul Wellings – who describes himself as the bastard offspring ofBurchill and Parsons&#39 – has written a memoir of his days as a fledgling pop idol, pirate radio jock, working on NME and his desire not to praise Tony Blair but to bury him.

The book, &#39I&#39m a Journalist Get Me Out of Here!&#39, covers subjects as diverse as music, sex, drugs, clothes, politics, movies, books and the attempted alienation of the working class.

Wellings was widely acknowledged as an innovative and provocative journalist during Fleet Street&#39s street-smart era and his words were devoured by a huge readership eager for his pronouncements on the latest bands, sounds and looks.

Julie Burchill from The Times called Wellings “the best interviewer she&#39s had”, while Kevin Sampson, author of bestseller &#39Powder&#39, said he was a big influence on his work and called the opening of this book “the most important social commentary of the last 20 years – brilliant stuff”.

&#39I&#39m a Journalist Get Me Out of Here!&#39 is published by The Progressive Press at £4.99.It can be ordered post-free by writing to 3 June Avenue, Blackpool FY4 4LQ or emailing