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It’s vital to share our views


There’s nothing better than having your articles or letters to Mortgage Strategy causing debate.

I sit here for hours on end wracking my brain to come up with relevant events to comment on and keep the magazine relevant.

As an eternal optimist I try and see the best in everything and if you take my recent article about networks, this was my attempt at seeing a positive in a new story.

Running a mortgage brokerage with a number of self employed consultants I should have been on the defensive that networks were offering better deals than mine.

However, I am confident in my proposition and therefore dismissed the threat and shared the news. In my experience most appointed representatives want to be part of a business they can trust and many have scars from previous experiences.

Pink Network director Mark Graves was correct in his letter to Mortgage Strategy in the 4 September issue when he reminded us about mistakes made in the past and why only the best networks survive.

Clearly news of short term incentives sent shivers down his spine and brought back some bad memories of times gone by.

However, there will be industry watchers who perceive news of incentives for appointed representatives as a positive sign of increased activity in the sector and an early indicator that the pendulum will once again swing in the brokers favour.

The sharing of news and views is healthy and crucial for survival. I therefore say thanks to Mortgage Strategy for facilitating this and thanks to the many people like Graves who make the effort to share their views to help others.


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