ONESEARCH Direct welcomes sellers&#39 packs

ONESEARCH Direct, the UK&#39s fastest growing online local search service, has welcomes the proposals outlined in the Queen&#39s Speech to launch sellers&#39 packs.

Managing director Ronnie Park says: “Sellers&#39 packs are an important development and it will be interesting to see how they span out across England.

“The process of buying and selling homes in England and Wales takes longer than anywhere in Europe but through advances in e-technology, e-conveyancing is becoming an integral part of house transactions in the UK. Local searches can now be completed faster and cheaper than using traditional local council channels, thus making sellers&#39 packs a reality.

“For example, ONESEARCH Direct offers a 5-day, guaranteed, local search costing £100 &#45 a time and cost saving that can be passed on to the house buyer or seller. In Scotland we already handle 45% of all sale transactions.”