My mortgage week

Monday: I start with a visit to our local gym which is on the way to the office. After a good workout I feel ready to face the rigours of a fresh week in the mortgage industry. I know that this week is going to be more than the usually busy as Brentchase Financial are planning a series of equity release seminars. This is going to be a boom market and we intend to be at the forefront. I attack the post and emails as usual and have a clear desk by lunchtime. However, more applications come in and we get down to a another busy afternoon. I also worry about my Royal London mortgage endowment, which matures this week. The office finally closes at 7.15pm. Still finding it hard to believe that it&#39s dark by the time I go home.

Tuesday: Today, a meeting in Marble Arch means that I must catch the train at 7am and join the happy commuters enjoying the pleasures of our superb rail system. Actually, the service was brilliant and, by 8am I am discussing the equity release market with a law firm which is interested in expanding its services to clients. This market is going to be big, but it must be handled very carefully as we all know from the recent award against a certain mortgage broker.

Wednesday: An early start to what looks like a busy day. One of our introducers who lives in Manchester has two nightclubs to refinance and the company that owns them also owns several hotels around the UK. A meeting is arranged in London for this Friday. Feeling slightly jaded after three days of work without a break, I go along to watch a game of rugby at Campion – a local school which has produced many fine players. &#39We&#39 are playing a team from Australia – oo-er. A fantastic win for us ensures a great evening in a local hostelry called Scruffy Murphy&#39s and, the usual ten pints later, I meander my way home.

Thursday: A relatively quiet day today (thank goodness, especially as I am feeling slightly delicate). No meetings planned and we decide to go through our applications and chase the lenders for offers. No excuses are accepted by our team of dedicated professionals and, hey presto, we get offers faxed through to us. It&#39s amazing that it&#39s the same lenders time after time that let us down – you all know their names. When are they going to improve their service? However, some lenders seem to just keep on getting better and better.

Friday: The post arrives and I receive the news that my policy has performed more than well! I just love Fridays. An early meeting in London with the clients who wish to discuss finance for their nightclubs leads to lunch in a Chinese restaurant recommended to me by Mortgage Strategy journalist Helen McCormick (who knows how to lunch). Then it&#39s back to Brentwood and a quick look into the office and then off to my favourite Irish pub to celebrate with the usual crowd – and the usual ten pints.

•Mike Fitzgerald is director of Brentchase Financial. His diary runs from October 28 to November 1