Home insurance fails to protect against Xmas losses

The majority of people with home contents insurance do not take out extra cover at Christmas to protect gifts, says Legal & General.

82% of those questioned have home insurance, but only 62% of these policies includes Christmas cover.

Despite this, a family of four appears to be expecting to spend around £670 on the family this Christmas and a couple could be spending between £160 and £210 on their partner.

Andy Sampson, head of planning and research at Legal & General, says: “Regardless of whether people work full-time, part time or are not working most people are still hoping that Santa will be generous this year.

“Sadly, it is a time for opportunistic theft as many of us display our Christmas gifts under the tree and spend time away from home socialising with family and friends. If the worst should happen and burglars strike it&#39s comforting for policyholders to know that gifts are covered.”

To protect the gifts that policyholders will have in their home over the festive period Legal & General automatically increases the level of contents cover by 10% over the Christmas period. The extra cover is added to customer policies from 1 December to 15 January.