Advantage not being taken of all sales channels

Intelligent Finance says intermediaries are missing out on sales opportunities by internet and telephone.

Mark Curran, senior manager for e-commerce, says modern consumers are gaining confidence in technology and are more willing to try different sales channels than ever. Curran says: “Intermediaries need to look at technology to manage a growing number of client requirements. Clients are changing. They demand more information, and are better at getting information themselves before going to an adviser.”

Curran adds that the more successful intermediaries are using a multi-channel approach and says: “Brokers have to use the channel the customer is most comfortable with. A number of intermediaries find clients want to use the phone and internet. Although I don&#39t think we&#39ll ever replace face-to -face advice, the world has moved. The advent of broadband coupled with web camera technology means advisers could give face-to-face advice without leaving their desk.”