Trustguard opens telesales office in Delhi

Trustguard has opened a Delhi telesales office, allowing three of its Indian staff members to move back home and be closer to their families.

The office is staffed by a three-strong team headed by loan relationship manager Sameer Anand, who was previously based at Trustguard’s head office in Cardiff. It will sell secured loan products to UK-based brokers.

Anand says: “There are cost-saving advantages for Trustguard and for customers, so we will be able to keep our fees low.”

John Pearson, managing director of Trustguard, says: “The Delhi team speaks several languages and we’re hoping it will be a great success.

“Unlike other firms that sub-contract telesales work to third party pro-viders, the staff are directly employed by Trustguard, which is responsible for the lease of the offices.”

Bob Singh, managing director of Chess Financial Services, says: “This could work because the cost of administration staff will be slashed.”