Timber Frame Association creates practice guide

The UK Timber Frame Association has published the first Code of Practice for Engineered Wood Products.

The guide is for designers, developers, architects and specifiers who are considering using EWP for residential construction in the UK.

This guide will be of particular interest to all those looking to invest in eco-homes and zero-carbon emitting homes which will be primarily wood based, improving insulation and environmental impact.

The code discusses the range of engineered wood products that are available to the designer and provides generic guidance on good structural design and detailing practice.

It explains the correct specification, design and detailing of all products.

The first edition of the Code of Practice deals with materials, design and workmanship for EWP when used in floor construction.

Future editions will cover roof and wall construction.

Bryan Woodley, chief executive of the UKTFA, says: “Engineered wood products have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years among new home designers and developers. Capable of long clear spans, they provide increased design flexibility, and when installed correctly tend to reduce snagging and call backs.

“Builders like their ease of use and home buyers enjoy flatter, quieter floors.”