RICS attacks OFT’s missed opportunity

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has accused the Office of Fair Trading of missing out on several key issues over house building.

The OFT has revealed it is to look into the way the house building industry is being run.

Although RICS welcomes this move, it warns that there is still much to do to clean up the sector.

A spokesman for RICS says: “With residential property responsible for 25% of carbon emissions, it is disappointing that the OFT has failed to address the vital area of sustainable development.

“Equally, the government should move to end the scourge of land banking and make previously developed public land available for affordable housing.

“House building levels are well below government targets and with there being little hope that levels will keep pace with house household growth, it is imperative that Gordon Brown opens his premiership with positive action.

“Consumers should be assured that any new purchase will be of a high standard.

“However, the government would be well advised to create a level playing field of high standards for both the social and private sectors.

“As it stands, standards for private housing lag behind housing built in the social sector.”