Optoma launches insurance product

Optoma Broker Solutions has launched an accident, sickness and unemployment insurance product for mortgages and secured loans.

The product is available through a web platform on the Optoma website optomaonline.co.uk.

Specific terms of the cover include cover for new and existing mortgages or secured loans on exactly the same terms and conditions, back to day one cover on each option, minimal exclusions and no underwriting on application.

Optoma Protect’s cover also includes no exclusion for dismissal, no exclusion for backache and no requirement for six months employment prior to application or claim.

Andrew Crosher from Optoma Protect, says: “Optoma is proud to be launching our very own insurance product for our customers.

“We’re confident our introducers will enjoy the benefits of the easy to use point-of-sale software as much as their customers will enjoy the minimalexclusions on the products themselves – not to mention the excellent commission rates we have negotiated, which are up to 30% more than some brokers may be receiving from their current provider.”