Londoners most likely to move abroad

Londoners are top the league when it comes to moving abroad, research from Bank of Scotland International reveals.

The research has showed that 8% of people in London currently own a home abroad, followed by 7% in the South East and 5% in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Furthermore, over half of Londoners have considered moving abroad or buying a home abroad.

When asked where they would most like to live in the world, Australia was voted the most popular overseas destination by Britons.

France topped the European destinations with 6% of people wanting to move there, followed by Spain at 5%.

Tony Wilcox, managing director at Bank of Scotland International, says:
“Londoners certainly are the most active when it comes to moving abroad or buying a home abroad.

“When looking to live temporarily or permanently abroad it is important to have the right products and services in place.”